Lastronics Plug-in cards

The Lastronics plug-in card system is the basis of the versatility of the ITL 9 interlock device. The ITL 9 comes up with nine free plug-in card slots, into which different monitoring or power providing plug-in cards can be inserted as they are needed. Various parameters and/or signals can be monitored, and if one of them reaches critical potential, the interlock unit ITL 9 will discontinue laser operation.

Examples for Lastronics plug-in cards are:
  1. Pump module monitoring (1-4 channels):
    Error output - the pump module checks parameters like voltage, temperature, humidity, water flow and droplet monitoring, and provides an error signal, if one of the parameters is out of bounds
  2. Chiller monitoring (1-4 channels)
  3. Temperature monitoring (1-4 channels):
    Used for temperature surveillance of the active medium, interlock is triggered, if temperature is exceeding pre-set limit
  4. Timer (1 channel):
    Can be used e.g. for implementing a time limit when opening lab doors
  5. Voltage supply for pump modules (1-4 channels):
    This card is used to provide the supply voltage for the operation of the pump modules