PM 48 front
Going beyond the assembly of pump engines we at Lastronics now design and produce our own product range of laser amplifiers, amplifier chains or even whole laser systems. We can rely on the experience of our employees in the field of laser construction, who during their research activities at universities and institutes realized, among others, the following laser sources:

- 500 mJ, 300 fs, 10 Hz (Cryo Yb3+:CaF2, burst, 1000 pulses per burst, fRep = 1 MHz)
- 10 mJ, 1 ps, 10 Hz (Yb3+:KGW/Yb3+:KYW)
- 200 mJ, 3 ns, (1 … 10) Hz (Yb3+:YAG)
- 1.1 J, 6 ns, 1 Hz (Cryo Yb3+:YAG, 46% optical-optical efficiency)
- 8 J, 200 fs @ 1/40 Hz (Yb3+:FP15, POLARIS)

At the moment we are concentrating on two different product lines:

High energy Yb3+-based amplifier chains:
Implementing the pump engines offered by Lastronics we offer to assemble amplifiers with a wide range of output energies. Starting with a 100 mJ preamp, which is based on pumping Yb3+:CaF2 with a single PM 2.4 - up to custom tailored power amplifiers utilizing several PM 80 and generating more than 100 J output energy with a bandwidth suitable for 200 fs pulses are possible. Please feel free to contact us for details.

High repetition rate, high energy Ti:Sa amplifier pump lasers: Those are a challenge in terms of cooling the active medium of the pump laser. Using cryogenically cooled Yb3+:CaF2, an output energy (@515 nm) in the Joule order of magnitude is possible with a repetition rate of up to 100 Hz. Again, exact numbers are subject to the configuration of the Lastronics pump engine.