Lastronics is specialized in the development, manufacturing and sale of laser diode technology with high peak power and associated power supplies, controls and accessories as part of large laser systems. Recently, Lastronics also offers the manufacturing of diode pumped, solid state laser amplifiers based on Yb3+-doped materials.

Well known research institutions as our customers employ such systems for research and development. Lastronics was established in 2009 and evolved from Töpfer & Hein GbR which was founded in 2001 focusing on the development of pulsed laser diode drivers with high peak power and opto-electronical systems.


  • Micro-processor controlled, stabilized current sources
  • Laser diode pump modules and pump engines
  • Beam delivery systems and pump spot shaping
  • Ytterbium-based laser amplifier stages
  • Accessories for laser systems
PM 80 Rear Amplifiers