The interlock control ITL9 is designed to monitor digital and analog sensor signals in an interlock control of a laser system. Nine module cards can be incorporated, while each module card is capable of analyzing up to 16 analog or digital signals. Additionally, 24 V power supply modules can be integrated to supply LASTRONICS Pump Modules. The module cards can be customized to technical specifications of the user. Therefore, the ITL9 is easy to integrate for maximum control and security.
In case of an input signal error or cable error the module LED will indicate the error accordingly and a relay switch will intercept the 12 V DC interlock voltage. After a reset the ITL9 will switch back to the operation mode. Beyond the indicator LED’s the ITL9 provides a CAN-Bus interface on the back and another digital interface on the front panel. This allows an easy computer based monitoring.
The ITL9’s 19” standard housing fits common rack systems. For the LDD it provides an interlock output as well as a safety light output controlled by the LDD.


Technical data - Interlock Control ITL 9

Input voltage: (85-447) V, AC (47-440) Hz
Input current: 0.165 A at 230 V AC
Digital input level: CMOS
Analogue input: Customized
Interface: CAN-Bus
Housing: 19" or stand alone
Weight: Max. 1.5 kg
Size (W x H x D): 480 x 133 x 250 mm³
Up to 144 signals
24 V power supply for pump modules