The microprocessor controlled LDD 2890 is designed as a 2 channel current source. With the new  driver design Lastronics opens up the field of high-repetition and high-pulse current sources, which are especially suited for the operation of laser diode bars and laser diode stacks. Each channel provides a capacitor bank charge voltage of up to 90 V and simultaneously drives up to 40 laser diode bars in series. The drive current can be varied in 1 A steps up to a maximum of 800 A. The LDD 2890 is able to deliver pulses as short as 100 µs and long as 4 ms. A DC bias current can be applied in order to shift the emission wavelength to the desired value.

The driver is configurable in a wide parameter range following customer’s requests. A duty cycle of 1,5% with 76 V compliance voltage and 800 A drive current is accessible, as well as a duty cycle of 10% with 15 V and 500 A or DC solutions with an average output power per channel of 1 kW (e.g. 15 V, 65 A). Due to the advanced control technology of the LDD 2890 very fast rise and fall times of less than 30 µs and smooth pulses with a pulse ripple of less than 0.1% rms and an energy stability of ±0.1% are possible.

In the operations mode the drive current can be set whereas pulse length and repetition rate are controlled simultaneously. The settings mode limits operation to the diode’s specific parameters. The supplied counters can be used to monitor laser diode operation. An external trigger source for each channel can be applied or the internal trigger can be used as a trigger source. To compensate gradual reduction of the pulse current pulse stages can be programmed. A current readout is available. A load-dependent V / I characteristic is pre-programmable to protect the driver and diode stacks. Several drivers can be used in parallel and therefore operate in master or slave configuration. Connectivity is provided via TCP/IP interface at which all driver parameters can be remotely controlled. A Labview-based software tool for remote control  can be provided.

The driver’s 19” standard housing fits common rack systems. For safety reasons the device comes up with a laser enable key, provides a diode shortcut in non-operating mode, and a remote interlock as well as a safety light output. The front panel is equipped with eight keys for manual operation of the driver, together with a four line white on blue display ensuring excellent readability of all information on display with common laser safety goggles.


Technical data - Laser Diode Driver LDD 2890

Capacitor bank charge voltage [0 ... 90] V
Drive current [0 ... 800] A
Pulse width [0,1 ... 4,0] ms
Bias current [0,0 ... 5,0] A
Repetition rate Single shot ... 100 Hz
Maximum duty cycle 10% DC
Max. power consumption 2.700 W
Pulse energy stability < 0,1% peak-to-peak
Pulse ripple < 0,1% rms
Input AC voltage [90 - 250] V, [50 - 60] Hz
Cooling 2 air fans, BG noise < 55 db(A), water